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Property buying process in Turkey
Purchasing a holiday apartment abroad the correct way

In our experience, many foreigners who try to complete a property deal without prior knowledge of the local conditions and the language, end up being disappointed and perhaps even lose money in the process

This is why we have specialised in accumulating a specific expertise in all aspects of the Turkish property market. This we have done through our experience with the deals we have already concluded and through legal studies and of course through our cooperation with Turkish lawyers and local officials.

In the following, we will give a brief summary of the steps of purchasing process with Consolida Homes:

  •  Property viewing trip: we always encourage potential customers to participate in one of our property viewing trips (see more elsewhere), which is a full packet solution where the potential buyer can get a complete idea about what he intends to buy.
  • In that way, we ensure that the potential buyer not only knows the property, but also the surroundings.
  • Purchase agreement in English with exhaustive description of the property, including the layout and interior design; information about the project and common amenities, when the property and the whole project is expected to be finalised, etc.
  • Securing of the purchase sum by depositing hereof the bank. The money cannot be paid out until the Buyer's right to the property is secured.
  • Full-service relating to the Turkish document process.
  • Monitoring and supervision of the finalisation of the project.
  • Handing-over protocol together with the Buyer when the property has been completed, handing over of the keys.
  • Assistance in connection with taking out of insurance, establishing electricity and water connections, opening of bank account, etc.
  • Guidance in connection with the purchase of furniture.
  • Providing the Buyer with general information and service letter. Help and service in general.