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Buying a holiday home in Turkey has become really popular in recent years. And with good reason: it is a good investment, and at the same time, Turkey is a fantastic country to be on holiday in: an excellent climate, hospitable people, beautiful nature and not least a favourable price level are all contributing factors to making this the ideal place for a holiday. And the non-residents who have already purchased property in Turkey all agree that it is a good investment which in time will yield a nice return.

However, the individual motivations for buying a home in Turkey can be very different. Some use the property as a holiday home and let it for the remaining time, others use the property as a permanent residence, this being mostly pensioners, who have elected to enjoy their retirement in Turkey and use the property as a permanent residence.

Turkey has a special status given its geographical location. The country is a part of Europe and at the same time a part of the Middle East. This makes the country both familiar and at the same time exotic. It also makes it an ideal place for a holiday home: the country is not foreign enough to make you feel out of place, but at the same time sufficiently different from the humdrum of home to make you feel that it is a place that you can return to, holiday after holiday after holiday.

Investing in a holiday home in Turkey, or in any other country for that matter, is something that requires careful consideration, since it for most people also implies certain financial adjustments. Fortunately, good and competent advice is available for that aspect, and when that is sorted, it only remains to plan the many future holidays in Turkey; your second home far from the everyday routines.

Once you have made the decision has been made to buy a holiday home in Turkey, the next question you need to decide on is where ? There are numerous possibilities, and first you would need to decide whether you wish to live close to the city and busy nightlife, or whether you would prefer more peaceful and scenic surroundings. You also need to consider factors like nearest beach and transport.

It is very important for us to stress that we do not deal in time share or dubious co-ownership projects. Once the deed (called Tapu) has been signed and transferred, you are the official owner of the property, exactly as you would be in your own country.

A property in Turkey is an investment in the future. If you look at prices in the other countries around the Mediterranean, i.e. Spain, France and Greece, prices have doubled several times in the last 15 years. The same could happen in Turkey, in the last two years alone, the property prices have climbed dramatically.

Furthermore, Turkey is getting nearer to joining the EU, and when that happens, prices are guaranteed to increase even further.